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About Us

 Modern Meditation philosophy is Lead with Love! Collectively we clarify the connection between the mind body and soul to cultivate a greater awareness of self and aid in removing the mental layers that form obstacles to growth and love.

Modern Mediation aspires to positively change generational mindsets towards the mind, body and soul connection. Our vision is to positively change the way we think and treat our bodies. We aim to create an atmosphere that promotes a forward-thinking mind, a well-fed body, and empathetic soul. 

Our Guiding Principles are:

  • Kindness -for yourself and others 

  • Compassionate Speech -wise restraint

  • Innate Trust -building partnerships

  • Forgive Freely -fostering humility

  • Resilience -cultivating the mindset to manage difficult emotions

  • Mindfulness -present moment awareness 

Meet Your Instructor

Simone is life-curious, loves to travel, and is a avid meditation practitioner. She loves a curious mind and a good adventure. She is a board certified Health & Wellness Coach from the National Board for Health & Wellness Coach (NBHWC) and a Mindfulness & Compassion Meditation Teacher and Trainer. She traveled to India for independent studies and she spent years engaged in intensive study with highly respected meditation teachers.  


Simone organizes dialogue and communicates wisdom teachings and mindful techniques for a diverse and contemporary audience. She experienced the value of meditative mindful training in practical life situations. Her heartfelt purpose is to deepen the connection with personal goals and intentions through a greater understanding of the mind, body and soul connection. Simone's teaching directly engages the mind and body, rewiring how we choose to react when habitual negative emotions arise. Simone is a teacher and healer that encourages others to discover the boldness within in order to reinvent themselves.


Simone is the founder of Modern Meditation, holds a Master’s in Business Administration, Bachelors in Business Management and an Associate’s Degree in Travel and Tourism. During her career she’s held various leadership roles within FEMA and American Express and managed the global corporate training department at CIBT.

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